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DSP FX Board I took out of a Orange Pix CR20LDX amp
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Small 2 knobs  multi FX board want to use in my Guitar has a +15 and -15 also a +5 in out and grounds ? how would I use this and what power is this

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Re: DSP FX Board I took out of a Orange Pix CR20LDX amp
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What the board *does* exactly I have no idea, but I'm guessing you know that if you've taken it out of an amp.

Working down from the top of your photo, we've got:

OUT - the output signal
AG - Analog ground, the ground for the in/out signals
IN - the input signal
+15 - +15V positive analog power supply
-15 - -15V negative analog power supply

On the bottom connector there is:

DG - Digital ground
+5 - a digital 5V supply to the processor chip, most likely
DG - another digital ground

They've clearly separated the digital (bottom connector) and analog (top connector) parts of the circuit. That's good practice from an
'avoiding noise' point of view.
The use of a +/-15V supply for the audio, and a 5V supply for the digital suggests something a bit more traditional and not absolutely cutting-edge to me. A lot of DSP stuff these days runs at 3.3V or less. A "traditional" 5V supply for this sort of thing is starting to look a bit "old school".

That's about all I tell you from looking at the image. It should be enough to get it running, but the biggest issue will be finding a +/-15V/5V power supply if you don't happen to have a analog synth hanging around. It's a common supply for a lot of analog synth gear, especially "Moog unit" (MU) or 5U gear, and especially *not* Eurorack/3U, which replaces the +/-15V with +/-12V.

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