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Help with Kill Switch / Stutter effect wiring
« on: July 27, 2017, 11:28:49 AM »
HI all,
I need some help with a kill switch/stutter effect I’m working on. Here’s what I want it to do: There are two stomp switches, one latching and one momentary. The latching switch would act as the kill switch or switch between “modes”. In one “mode” (let’s just call it “ON”) the signal would move through as normal, stepping on the latching switch would flip it to “OFF” and kill the signal. In the ON mode I want the momentary switch to temporarily switch off the signal. And in the OFF mode I want to momentary switch to temporarily turn the signal back on. So it’s a stutter effect that can stutter OFF, or stutter ON. I hope that all makes sense!
So I came up with the wiring diagram below and wired the pedal up. It does everything I want it to do, but it has two problems:
 1- It is really noisy when the latching switch is in “OFF” mode. I assume this because the signal pathway is just open, and not grounded? Can anyone see a way of correcting this? I can figure out how to do it if the momentary switch was DPDT or 3PDT, but I need the momentary switch to be STSP. The momentary DPDT and 3PDT are not soft touch, which ruins the utility of the stutter.
2- There is a light popping when the signal is grounded in “ON” mode. (i.e. when the momentary is pressed to STOP the signal in ON mode). I think a pull down resistor is normally used to stop this? But I don’t know where to put the resistor, or what value it should be.
3- As an aside… Should I wire the 9v jack ground to the output sleeve? Right now, the 9v only runs the LEDs, and is isolated from the passive audio circuit so I haven’t connected them. Does that matter? (I have left the LED wiring out of this diagram for simplicity.)
Thanks for your help!


Re: Help with Kill Switch / Stutter effect wiring
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You surely want to ground the signal.

> I need the momentary switch to be STSP

I think it needs to be DT.

So you are into relays of some sort. A FET may do.


Re: Help with Kill Switch / Stutter effect wiring
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You might need three switches.

1--To switch between the On-to-Off (Kill) LATCHING

2--To switch bewteen the Off-to-On (Stutter) MOMENTARY

3--To switch between the two switches LATCHING

Thats my best idea on the matter. Best of luck.