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Boss DS-1 Failed Mod
« on: September 08, 2017, 03:10:15 PM »
Hello everybody,
I've been a long time reader but today I decided to join because I've been working on a Boss Ds-1, trying to do a Keeley style mod. I've followed the information that I found in several places in the internet. The problem is that the pedal doesn't work at all. The LED works and when the pedal is on the guitar comes out, but with a very weak signal. Bypass doesn't work.
What I've done so far is:
- Placing a 2.4k resistor in R13
- Placing a 20k resistor in R39
- Placing a 1.5k resistor in R14
- Placing 0.1 uf caps in C1, C3, C5, C12, C13
- Placing 1 uF caps in C2, C8, C9, C14
- Placing a 0.047uF cap in C11
- Placing a 220 pF cap in C7
- Placing a 47 pF cap across the clipping diodes
By the moment, I'm only doing the All seeing eye mod, which only requires to change both D4 and D5 into leds. I suppose there might be a problem in the input buffer, as not even the bypass mode works. Does anybody know what I've done wrong, or what could be wrong?
Thanks for reading, as soon as I can I'll upload my Dyna Comp build.


Re: Boss DS-1 Failed Mod
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It would be much easy if you post some schematic in which you are based, and some photos :-)
To you, buffered bypass sucks tone.
To me, it sucks my balls.


Re: Boss DS-1 Failed Mod
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All the mods you reported are legit (I got several files on my pc regarding the ds-1) so I guess you should look somewhere on the board to some bridges or bad connections or solderning. The ol' audio probe method might help you find the problem.
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Re: Boss DS-1 Failed Mod
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Like my italian bro' says:build an audio probe!

It took me years to build one (out of desperation, i must admit) and it made debugging pedals and amps soo easy. You will find exactly where your signal stops, invaluable.


Re: Boss DS-1 Failed Mod
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Thanks to everybody,
So I'm going to build an audio probe for this. I guess a simple stripped cable with one alligator clip for ground and a .1 uF cap on hot will do.
Also, now I'm thinking that maybe it could be that the caps I used were 400 V. I know they can be tonesuckers, but I don't think they would suck ALL the tone.


Re: Boss DS-1 Failed Mod
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The voltage of the caps has no effect.. The voltage can be higher than needed, not LOWER.  No effect on tone.  I think you might find a solder bridge...
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