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Echo Park resurrection
« on: December 10, 2017, 06:12:18 AM »
Hi everyone,

Has anyone successfully resurrected a Line 6 Echo Park or any of the other ToneCore series of pedals? My Echo Park seems to have bit the dust.

It's not producing any sound.

I'm wondering if it's power protection circuit has blown and would possibly a quick easy fix. I haven't dealt with DSP that often before. I've fixed my dd-3 as well as modded my DD-20, but the tonecore pedals are something else entirely.

Anyone have any advice on how to bring them back to life??

Mark Hammer

Re: Echo Park resurrection
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2017, 08:32:41 PM »
There are two major components to the Tonecore pedals: the heavy cast-metal dock and the DSP circuitry it contains, and the plastic personality module with the controls.  If you have never done so, there are two screws on the back skirt of the pedal and a little black pushbutton just above the power jack.  If you remove or loosen the two screws and push the black button, the module will pop out.

The modules can be interchanged between docks.  Any module will work in any dock.  Obviously you won't get stereo effects plugging the module into a mono dock, but it all the controls will work.  I mention this because it provides a simple preliminary diagnostic test.  If the EP modules works in a known functional dock, then clearly the problem with your own pedal resides in the dock.  If the module does not work in a different dock, then the problem is in the module and not necessarily the dock.  Conversely, if the module from another Tonecore pedal works in your EP dock then you know the dock is okay.

I sometimes see some of the less popular Tonecore pedals for sale second hand in my area; most commonly the distortion modules (Uber-metal, DR. Distorto, and Crunchtone...which sound decent but you know what distortion-hounds are like...fickle)).  You might consider keeping your eye out for a 2nd hand Tonecore, to be able to use the dock.  I know there was a period when the individual personality modules could be bought on their own - -, but I suspect that time has passed.

Digital Larry

Re: Echo Park resurrection
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I have an old tonecore dev kit which is a dock and 2 modules and a power supply.  Willing to part with any/all of it for some reasonable amount, like $40 plus shipping.
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