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True Bypass (with LED for DPDT)
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Well, i was thinking of some Millenium bypass. BUT there is some different variants of it.
I was looking at the Millenium 2, which needs one Mosfet-transistor BS170/2N7000, one diode 1N4148/1N914 and one resistor 2K2 (+/-).
But some say there is POP when switching. Is this true?
The thing is that i can get those parts (tran, diode and resistor), but i'd like to be sure (as it possible) that this schematic is NOT POPing.
Did anyone use that schematic in the pedals with DPDT?
Thank you all for the comments.

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Re: True Bypass (for DPDT)
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POPs have to do with leaking capacitors...
(usually cured with pull-down resistors - most difficult cases with also grounding IN & OUT..)

As long as there isn't any capacitor in your bypass circuit, you don't have to worry about it.. :icon_wink:

Any circuit placed on a DPDT true bypass switch is for indicator LED On-Off purpose..
There is a - rare - possibility for LED popping but it's also easily cured with a smal value resistor (say* 330R) and a small value electro cap (say* 10μF)..

(*) They form a RC delay circuit for LED to bright up but Jack Orman, deadastronaut (and others..) could define said values more precisely - after all, they have dealt more extensively with it..  :icon_smile:
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