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DOD Fx75B Flanger question(s) first mod
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:59:53 PM »
Just succeeded at my first mod ever, on the DOD Fx75B Flanger. Attempted and succeeded at stopping the flange wave form (?) and turned it into a fixed flanger by replacing the speed 500k pot with a 500k pot that has a counterclockwise click "off" switch. it works! all i want to do now is bring out the regeneration / feedback time to get things a bit more robotic / steel drummy to taste. and possibly, make this newly fixed flange more wet vs dry. lastly, if possible and not too difficult, what could i alter in this flanger to make the range of delay time broader--with the intent of tuning the fixed flange to even lower frequencies? right now it only gets to drop D#, but I wanna hit at least drop D.

Hope this all makes sense, first post--thanks for your feedback yall. Would absolutely love to hear yalls thoughts

Much love


Re: DOD Fx75B Flanger question(s) first mod
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Re: DOD Fx75B Flanger question(s) first mod
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You might want to ask a mod to move this to the main "Building your own stompbox" part of the forum.  This bit is for a specific forum "beginner project" and there's very little traffic passing through.  Anyway, try to find us a schematic and I'm sure you'll get some suggestions.
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