Author Topic: Aion Electronics Vector (Deep Blue Delay) - Trim pot doesn't affect max feedback  (Read 311 times)


I just built the new Aion Electronics Vector delay and everything works fine except the infinite repeats trimpot doesn't affect the max repeats. I initially jumpered pads 1 & 2 because I didn't have a trimpot small enough to fit. Got one in today and swapped it out and it's like the jumper is still there. Any clue what the issue might be?

I built it to Deep Blue Delay specs (R16 is 5k1).


Can you check the value of C14 and tell me if it's 2n2 (0.0022uf)? For about 24 hours after launch, I had the wrong value in the docs, listing it as 22n, and that would affect the brightness of the repeats as well as potentially causing them to fade out before the feedback knob has a chance to limit it.

If the cap is correct, I'll pull open mine tomorrow and have a look. It may be that the DBD variant needs a lower value for R16, like 1k or something, in order for the trimmer to be effective.
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Problem solved!


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