Author Topic: anyone selling digipot 'solution' pcb's?  (Read 193 times)


anyone selling digipot 'solution' pcb's?
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Sorry if I missed it here.  Like others, I'd like to use digipots (and Arduino, RPi or other solution to set, ideally through phone UI to control) to provide the pot values for many of the pots in various effects.  I tend to put multiple 'build the board' DIY effects in a single enclosure.  I do understand the 'volume/zero crossing noise' issue, and don't necessarily have to replace the volume pots with digital, BUT, I'd like to replace the other (e.g. gain, base/treble, etc.), and replicate the method for implementing and controlling them.  I typically use true bypass, can live with fixed order of the effects, etc.
I'm also NOT a designer, PCB layout guy, etc.  I'm wondering if by now someone has confronted this challenge with a solid design, and is offering it as a PCB that I can buy and build to control multiple channels of digipot.  I guess that design also has to accommodate the issues of 5V limited digipots controlling potentially higher voltages in the 9V powered effects.  I'd hope such a solution offers several unique digipot channels on one board, with ability to have different values for those, to say the least.  Am I overly hopeful?  Thx


Re: anyone selling digipot 'solution' pcb's?
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Maybe check out Molten Voltage digipot stuff