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J201 substitute
« on: November 06, 2003, 12:07:59 AM »
:?: hi, my english is bad.
Please, help me. I want make the BSIAB (brown sound in a box) or Booster 2.5. There are J201 FETs. They not on sale here. Can i substitute J201 to other similar FET? And will the sound badly or not? Please, answer me, anyone. :?:


J201 substitute
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The 2N5484 is a fairly close substitute.  They both have fairly high Vgs(off) values (-0.3 to -1.5V for the J201, -0.3 to -3V for the 2N5484.  Otherwise a 2N5457 or 2N5485 (these are fairly common).  There won't be any audible difference.

Like you, I can't get J201s easily here (Australia), though I did order some from Small Bear.

Have fun!
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J201 substitute
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Sometimes a BF245 will do the job, too :wink:
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Please read the FAQ
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Please check out the DIY FAQ.


J201 substitute
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The J201 has slightly more gain but the 2N5457 sounds a lot better to my ears. I tried it some circuits like the OS, Mini Booster etc. and always with the same result. Give it a try.


J201 substitute
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NTE458 is a had a little more gain and should work.   8)
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J201 substitute
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:shock: thanx to all! you really help me.


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I like NTE458's, they output more than any of the others Iv'e tried, however I've gotten usable results even with [lowly' MPF102's, they're lower output but sound just fine in most of the ckts I've used them in, Stratoblaster and Phaze45 being two of them, but [the 102's] they're still lower output.
  I got a slew of [40] J201's from mouser and have pretty much decided to go with them, cause they work great and the NTE's are 'pryC' they pry cash from your edkts budget.
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