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Bazz Fuss impedance and inductor issues
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Hello all!

I have just started my DIY pedal journey and been playing around with some different Bazz Fuss type circuits. I have access to a lot of old electronics at my work and have build this pedal out of completely recycled components (except the vero and case), I ended up settled on a nice sound using two BC337 transistors in a darlington configuration.

A friend suggested I design it so the effect has a wet/dry blend with the clean guitar signal so I preceded the Bazz Fuss circuit with a Split 'n' Blend found here: it mentions there that it will not work properly with inverted signals so I added another recycled transistor (2n4400) in order to un-invert the signal at the end of the Bazz Fuss circuit which worked great.
My only issue now is that it sounds like I have lost some of the balls of the original Fuzz, I don't believe it is the 2n4400 as I used an audio probe and it sounds the same before and after it. From my research the Bazz Fuss likes to have a high impedance input and the original home-wrecker page suggests using one side of a small audio transformer on the Bazz Fuss input. One side of the 42TM018 transformer has an impedance of 10k and according to here the primary winding of the 42TM019 (also 10k) has an inductance of above 2H.

I have access to lots of small (680mH) inductors that I can recycle, my question is could I achieve the same effect of the audio transformer by having fourh of these smaller inductors in series on the input?


Re: Bazz Fuss impedance and inductor issues
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