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Hi Guys
I have a dl4 that is not working correctly and I was searching some information/schem and I finally found something interesting


Any thought?
That chip is powered from 3.3V...


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What is it you are trying to do exactly?  It's unlikely that you can reprogram this unit to do something useful without extensive information about the existing hardware and software implementation.
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my problem is that currently i dont have her a fine tip soldering equipment but still...

the microcontroller is handling all the pot/switches and is sending the parameter changes to the two dsp.
i think they have used midi for development and then removed the connection in production.
midi implementation in line 6 products is pretty standard they have midi cc to control everything.
if the midi part is still programmed in the uc is only matter to solder a wire to pin 5 to control the dl4 via midi
if midi/uart is not enabled in firmware that probably will stop all effort
(i dont know how the firmware is programmed in 80c32 micro or if its possible to read the internal program rom)