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Eyelet or Turret?
« on: March 07, 2018, 03:33:26 AM »
Can some direct me to any site with lot's of eyelet or turret version effects?  While I am good with PCB, I find it difficult to translate to the above type layouts.  Strange I know!  But there you have it.  I am teaching some young guitar students a bit about electronics and so far more success has come using simple eyelet layouts!

We all have busy lives, but if someone can point me in right direction, or maybe even draw up some I have in mind I would really appreciate the effort!  Here is a list of layouts I think would be simple enough for them:

JHS Mini Bomb
Some sort of npn fuzz
treble boost

Thank you!


Re: Eyelet or Turret?
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Here is a PNP Fuzz Face (Eyelet Board)  Note:  Positive Ground


In 2nd picture.. I add a charge pump voltage inverter so the pedal will "play nice" with other pedals..... (converts the pedal to Negative Ground)
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Re: Eyelet or Turret?
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Have you looked through here?

Most of the layouts now are on vero (strip) board, but there are still some eyelet/turret layouts if you look for them.
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Re: Eyelet or Turret?
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Hey guys, thanks!  I have not run across that site before, will check it out!