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boss od-1/ has found its place in the chain
« on: August 24, 2003, 10:25:33 AM »
After mos. of driving myself crazy w/an proper pedal order I have finally found  an good workable chain that has #1 comp.[always first] boss cs-3,#2 footswitable pre-amps a.tims booster [1 2n7ooo] b.amz moss boost[this one is louder but with less breakup],#3 od-1[ when I read the forum I new I had something], this one is getting no mods it works just fine, the boosters that precede drive it really  really good  :lol: #4 since it was my birthday I found it totaly necessary to buy an eq. 25.00 dan-electro fish and chips. If anyone is needing a good cheap e.q. this is the one ,compact and does its job very well. I am thinking about buying one more and putting one before the od-1. Thats the chain besides the regular rv-3 and dd-5 in the loop. ....As a side note I am also extolling the necessities of good cables and not spending a lot of money in the process. Upon advice from a seasoned musician friend of mine I purchased mic cable , as everyone knows it has two solid inner, and shielded exterior and fab.  my own guitar cables, patch cables [ Iused a method found at martens site] it works and that the end of the argument. also  updated my batteries. I am now  :D and  :lol: allthough your  :roll:  it doesnt matter because obtaining  the perfect tone is no longer a  :?:  Everything else I do to this chain is going to be built around this setup. after everything was put together and plugged in I was surprised at how everything changed that old familiar desire to play came back and now I understand why musicians are so finicky about there setup its hard to find the right tone and to easy to loose it ,move one pedal and its gone/let your cables get old and decrepid and your tone disintregates. Well everyone have a nice day :)


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I'm glad it's werking out good for your tones!!!
   Happy BIrthday!!!  [Better late than never!!!]
   25 is like nothing for an EQ...used to be you couldn't touch one for     ~100 buxx.  Spending that much tryng to build one...I would opt for a different build....after all the mods on an EQ 'should' be right there in the controls anyway!
  EQ is like a plug 'n go/instant mod for all other pedals IMO...sure makes Fuzzes sound different.