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3 LED Clippers in Boss DS-1
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In my limited knowledge of pedal modding I've discovered that I love the sound of LEDs in the clipping section of my diet pedals. I currently have a Boss DS-1 with one red and one yellow LED in the clipping section to try and create asymmetrical clipping. Is this the best way to go about it or should I add 2 LEDs in series on one side of the clipping circuit and one LED on the other?



Re: 3 LED Clippers in Boss DS-1
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Clearly it's matter of taste..  :icon_wink:

2 LEDs in series of 1.5V forward voltage drop each should be considered equivalent with 1 LED of 3V forward voltage drop..

Placing some pF value caps across the LEDs (for smoothing curves) should be an action of more interest..

Jack deals up clipping quite extensively here:
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Re: 3 LED Clippers in Boss DS-1
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Antonis is right, it's basically a question of the forward voltage of the series combination of diodes that you have. The type of diode might make a subtle difference to the tone, but for questions of *level* it boils down to the Vf.

There is no "best way to go about it". Whatever works with whatever bits you've got handy is fine. One red plus one yellow sounds reasonable to me. Two reds plus one red would work too. Two yellows plus one red or vice-versa might be worth a try. Or mix them up - put a 1N4148 on one side and an LED or two on the other.
One reason LEDs are quite good is that they clip at a higher level so you get more volume after the clipping, even if it's not quite as crunchy as it would be with a lower level.