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Set to Stun!
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First pedal build, a VFE Tractor Beam phaser


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Welcome. That's a fine first build. Interesting switching board too. Tell us more
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It's a VFE tractor beam phaser and the boards are from mad beans. Went a little off the rails and bought 6 different boards from them. So this was the first one I put together, everything was very straight forward except their pic of thr adapter wiring was a little backwards so when I pushed the switch the first time, nothing, that was a bummer a midnight last night. This morning with DMM in hand and so further photographic evidence, fixed. Went with either Dale Vishey or mostly Ohmite carbon film resistors which are very nice and mostly Kemet film caps and obviously some wima's. Guys at VFE use Wimas and PRP resistors and i didnt want to just copy exactly what they did but wanted it to have as nice a parts i could put in there w/o breaking the bank. Bought parts for all six pedals at the same time which was probably smart $$ but was a bit taxing on my noodle. Also I had a great experience with Tayda electronics, going to try to source stuff from them in future for 2 Aion pcb's i just got.

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Re: Set to Stun!
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Welcome, and nice 1st build! Also, nice etch.