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(First Project) Green Ringer and offboard wiring
« on: July 12, 2018, 06:36:08 PM »
Hello everyone,

I'm currently trying to build this guy for my first project.

My questions are

1) How can I bypass the volume knob without altering the design of the board?

2) Will I be able to use this kind jack? If yes, how can I do the wiring? (


Re: (First Project) Green Ringer and offboard wiring
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Welcome to the forum!

Just to clarify, by "bypass the volume knob", do you mean to build it as if the volume knob is maxed? (I assume so, but want to double check).
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Re: (First Project) Green Ringer and offboard wiring
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I built the Earthquaker Devices Tentacle, a clone of the Green Ringer, very similar. I notice a slight volume boost.
Do you want to try a trimmer to replace the external volume pot?

If you want to bypass the volume pot completely, as EBK said, the volume will be maxed. Anyway, ignore Vol 1, ignore Vol 2 (even if there's no indication, it goes the output), and the Vol 3 is your output.

Original Green Ringer schematics:
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