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Hey Everyone.. I'm aware there are tons of DD3 post and I've read all of them!  Cant find two specific bits of info that I'm after.

The first, is info regarding the lo-fi/clipping mod which involves diodes and a 3 point switch connected to the feedback lugs. Would love to know what type and value of diodes people are and have used in this mod. A brief description of how to wire it up would be useful too. This will be installed along side the hi-cut mod across the feedback lugs.

Second: would love to know how to achieve this! >
If anyone knows how to instal a self oscillating momentary switch i would love to know!!

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Re: BOSS DD-3 Clipping/lo-fi mod and self oscillating momentary switch!
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It's quite simple.
There is a Feedback potentiometer. The added switch just shorts (or opens, have to check the schematic) the pot, so maximum regeneration is fed back to the delay chip. If you look at the schematic you can figure it out youtself. It doesn't matter what version of the DD3 you're looking at, the circuit on all of them is all the same (with the exception of the Delay chip, but you will not be messing with it).
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