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PNP Jack Wiring Confusion
« on: October 21, 2018, 07:06:16 AM »
I just wired up a PNP Germanium Tonebender. I had some problems wiring the DC jack but got it worked out eventually. What confuses me, however, is when I wired up the jack as you would for centre negative the circuit worked with a One Spot plugged straight in i.e. I wired up the +ve ground row to the negative of the DC jack and the -ve 9v row to the positive of the jack. And when I reversed the DC jack wiring and used a reverse polarity adapter, again the pedal worked.

What am I missing here? I would have thought that my first wiring of wiring the jack shouldn't have worked.

I wired up the circuit as per the below schematic, PNP, positive ground:


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Re: PNP Jack Wiring Confusion
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I'm not totally sure I follow you.  But if you're using an insulated DC jack, then the polarity of the jack (center pin + or -) and the polarity of the pedal (+ or - ground) are two completely separate considerations.  Problems arise when you daisy chain + ground and - ground pedals.  A single pedal or either type should be trouble-free if you wired it correctly.