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Amp and pedal switcher idea
« on: January 12, 2019, 04:03:58 PM »
Hello there, I need help with a loop switcher like box. So, I have my reverb and looper going on in the fx loop of the amp, what I want to do is to switch between 1-the reverb's output going into the fx return; or 2- reverb into the looper, then looper into fx return. But also want the looper output to go to another amp's fx return; because, you know it muddies up pretty quickly at high volumes having a loop going on and playing over it.

I've come up with a solution using 2 3PDT stomp switches like this (Fxr1:Amp 1 Fx return, Fxr2:Amp 2 Fx return, Ro: Reverb Output, Li: Looper input, Lo: Looper output,);

|Fxr1- |Ro- |Li- |
|         |      |    |


|Fxr2- |Lo- |Fxr1- |
|         |     |         |

So I'll be jumping the wires for Fx Return1, and I wonder if this whole thing could cause any problems like ground looping or stuff,  I'll be glad to hear any insight you have on this, or if you could offer me a better solution. Thanks..
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