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Aion Electronics L5 Preamp
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I am having an issue where the bypass works on its on but the channel 1 and 2 LEDS do not illuminate unless I connect the channel pads on the 3PDT switch PCBS. Otherwise channel 1 and channel 2 seem to work, just no LEDS illuminate. I can hear both channels by pushing the footswitch. But it is not indicated by the LEDS.


Re: Aion Electronics L5 Preamp
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Most of us probably either have no idea what this pedal is, or do not have the circuit memorized. Please follow Aion is active here under the user name "aion" if you want to contact them directly.


Re: Aion Electronics L5 Preamp
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You might also want to ask a moderator to move this thread into the main "Building ..." part of the forum, where there's lots more passing traffic.  It's the same place as the "Debugging" thread that Gord has linked to.
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