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Using battery + DC power supply?
« on: April 05, 2019, 09:11:48 AM »
I am working on a simple boost build and, want to put in a DC 9v adapter jack, along with a 9v battery option (like in most modern pedals).

i) If the 9v battery input & adaptor jack are connected to the same "9v bar" on the board, would this cause any complications if an adapter is connected AS WELL AS a battery?
ii) Is it as simple as connecting both power sources to the same 9v bar?

What I mean by "9v bar" is the area in the circuit requiring the 9v power btw.

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Re: Using battery + DC power supply?
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No problem other than charging a non-rechargeable battery.. !!  :icon_wink:

If you use appropriate DC adapter (the one with 3 lugs which "isolates" the 2 positive connections..)

See below for DC connection configuration..

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Re: Using battery + DC power supply?
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There's circuits available on the net that show how you connect it.
A stereo input jack, and a switched dc jack are the key.
Have a look at . Pretty sure I learnt the wiring there.
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