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TH Custom Madbox splitter/mixer/looper
« on: July 10, 2019, 06:52:20 AM »
I've finished building the TH custom effects Madbox splitter/mixer (on the left). I've added a switch for serial/parallel and a jack to add a (modified) expression pedal so I can blend the two signal paths in and out. The other box is connected to the ins and outs of the Madbox and has 3-three loops with three rotary switches. With the switches I can put each loop in one of the two signal paths or bypass it completely. It's stil in the "testing phase" but sofar it works :), apart for some pops from the rotary switches but that's not really a problem as I can't switch while playing. The idea is to select loops for each signal path and switch or blend between them with the expression pedal. Next plan will probably be to put it all in one box (too much cables now) and maybe find some way to do A/B/Y switching  (or maybe not, the expression pedal does that also...)

Mark Hammer

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Parallel processing rules!


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Hi Mark,

I agree, it's much more fun than serial  :)

I've almost finished  a new box, and surprisingly (I'm not very good with electronics.....) it seems to work. No pictures yet, I've re-used an old enclosure, doesn't look to good. I've dropped the idea of using rotary switches and came up with the following:

A box with four effect loops (A, B, C and D). Guitar input goes to a buffered splitter (first part of the ROG splitter/blender), the splitted signal goes in parallel to loop A en B. I've added  simple 2PDT switch to change parallel to serial, so I can also have one clean signal and one signal through A and then through B.

Next, the two signals go through a 2-in, 2-out matrix mixer (nothing more than 4 pots with 4 resistors). The two outputs of the mixer go (in parallel) through loops C and D, and are then mixed (2-channel version of the GGG mini mixer) and output to my amp.
I practice it's simpler than the description, only a splitter, mixer, some pots and a lot of jacks. I've had to build it in BBDD box because it has ten or them.

Next addition will be two footswitches to mute/unmute the sends to loop C and D. The idea is to have AB-Y switching (in this case CD-Y  :)), and with the mute before the sends i could for example get an infinite delay in loop C, stomp on the switch and play over the repeats with a completely different sound. Or switch to "Y" to get an overdrive or wah sound with clean delays.... I've tested the muting and that also seems to work, not yet with the footswitch but I suppose it will be free of pops/clicks

I'm not sure if the spitter can split four ways, the GGG mixer can mix 4-inputs so the whole idea could be expanded to 8 loops........ Maybe with some dip-switches before the footswitches.... Any ideas are welcome of course.....