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Ottawa electronics stores merging
« on: September 03, 2019, 11:05:34 AM »
For those in the area that may not be aware... The Active store on Merivale is closed and will be merging with Gervais Electronics on Industrial. I think the new store will called Access-O once the merge is complete.



Re: Ottawa electronics stores merging
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Active stores closed in Mississauga a while ago and the Sayal next door conveniently expanded to take up their old space.  Active is expensive and they used to have an array of books with the back covers cut off.  When a bookseller cannot sell a book, the standard tactic is to cut off the rear cover and send it back to the publisher to avoid the cost of shipping the entire book and the publisher would refund the money.  Our local store had books with the back covers gone but they were still trying to get full price for them.  So as well as being expensive, they were crooked as a dog's hind leg.  They won't be missed.

Mark Hammer

Re: Ottawa electronics stores merging
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I was hoping that they would drop the prices of things, prior to the move, as many stores do when they'd rather sell it than pack it.  I had my eye on a vial of Stabilant that was sitting on the rack for an unreasonable price.  But the "discount" was nothing special.  Sadly, the new digs will not provide much space.  I imagine much will be behind the counter.  In any event, it's a long drive for me, from one side of the city to the other.  So I use Next Gen for enclosures, and out-of-town suppliers for the small stuff.  It remains to be seen to what extent the new merged stores will continue to specialize in Arduino/Raspberry Pi and other robotic stuff.


Re: Ottawa electronics stores merging
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indeed, Gervais was selling off its inventory at various discounts, the best was 40% on the heat shrink. But they had not been restocking shelves prior so not not a lot of choice in anything.

Last I was in, looked like they were installing Active's old shelving ...