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Behringer FM600 Filter Machine gut shots
« on: September 17, 2019, 04:54:14 AM »
For your edification. Apparently a copy of the Line 6 Otto Filter. CPU in the lower left corner of the second shot is an ATMEGA16.

Mark Hammer

Re: Behringer FM600 Filter Machine gut shots
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I have an Otto Filter.  Jeorge TRipps told me that there was an "easter egg" hidden in it.  If you unplug the module from its standard mono dock and insert it into a stereo dock, when set to the "talking filter" mode, made of two counterswept bandpass "formant" filters, each filter comes out of a different channel.  Listened to in stereo, it yields an interesting perceived movement across the field as one channel sweeps down and the other sweeps up.

Sadly, when built into a mono pedal, instead of a module, that option doesn't exist in the Behringer clone.   :icon_sad:  But it's a fun pedal, especially at the typical retail or 2nd hand price.