The $20 delay (Fab Echo mods photoessay) 56K warning!

Started by earthtonesaudio, January 21, 2008, 10:10:06 PM

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Very old topic but very detailed and very inspiring!

I modded a FAB Echoa few weeks ago, based on the info found here. I just made a few things differently and added more controls as follows:
- Traditional SPDT switch inside FAB Echo enclosure for the Mix Mod
- Added a stereo jack for the foot controller

Controlled by the foot controller:
- Infinity repeats mode controlled with a momentary switch
- Two selectable Delay time pots (dpdt push-button switch)
- Modulation effect using an oscillator (dpdt toggle switch)
- Factory mode (another momentary switch)

Sound sample/video here:

I hope you guys like it! Cheers!

I know this is an old post but i'm modding a pedal for the first time and decided to make my echo my first victim.

I wanted to know, for the momentary switch for infinite feedback mod, how do you set it up? is it a matter of just getting a 2 or 3 pin momentary footswitch and then soldering the pins to the ends of the resister that you short for the inf. feedback mod?

I also want to replace the current pots with pots that aren't stuck to the board so that i can reorient them however id like when i rehouse the pedal entirely. I would also like to do this with the input and output jacks, and the footswitch as well.

Can anyone here recommend which pots and which jacks i should stick to in order to replace the current ones properly?

Thanks in advance for any future help you guys can provide me :)

the pots can be removed if you're careful, i've done it a bunch of times, but question if its worth even doing. i would get an electric solder sucker. heat it up and tin it, then apply to the pad/lead for about a count of 12 and hit the sucker. expect to @#$% up something if you try doing this.

for the feedback mod, you can wire a momentary between the two active pins of the delay time control. its smoother if ya add a real small resistance, but its not entirely necessary.

jacks are easy to replace, as they reside on a separate board along with the input and output buffers and the switching. you can't just discard that board and expect the circuit to work well. you can also remove the power jack if needed, and use flying leads to and from the switches and jacks and stuff.
if you're gonna true bypass, you can just short the switch together so its always on and control bypass with the new footswitch.

my advice is to buy 2 or 3 of these... then odds are, WHEN not IF something gets screwed up you can still frankenstein one working unit together.

ps... adding a switching jack inline with the echo time lets ya have some sick fun reminiscent of tom scholz on the first boston album, just add an exp pedal ;)

you can do this, but expect it to be a lot harder than you think.

btw... hacking in the time/delay pot is likely the hardest part of the whole mess. when ya get the wires tacked on, use something to stake the wires to the pcb, if they move at all, its likely gonna be toast.

good luck, mate
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I have one of these little Danelectro Hodad mini-amps.  It comes with "reverb and tremolo", both of which are basically on/off functions (you can see the pushbuttons on top).  Taking mine apart, I saw a PT2399 (surface mount) used for the "reverb".  I was able to fit a small pot inside to vary the delay time via pin 6.  It's a lot more fun now.  But working with, and modding, SMD stuff is NOT fun.