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Stereo true bypass
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:55:14 PM »
Can someone help me figure out how to wire this so that I have 2 returns (Left and Right) and 2 outputs (L&R)??


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That wouldl require a 4pole switch, with 12 lugs instead of 9. And you then will either have no LED or have to work out a GEOFEX "millenium" type solution. Or you could use relays or solid state switching... And 4pole footswitches in my (limited) experience are noisier/ more troublesome than 3pole

4 pole no LED is the simplest.

Maybe easier and more fun would be two footswitches to switch "left" and "right" seperately... Then you get LEDs again. Maybe close enough together on the box for one foot to hit both at once... Have to look at the schematic and your application to know if that would work or squeal like a pig.

I think you might need two buffers to do that. Someone smarter may pipe in.


Re: Stereo true bypass
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Thanks idy! I don't really care about the LED so I'm going to try the 4pdt. I've been experimenting with it. Can you help me figure out which wires to bring which lugs? Thanks again for the help. I don't really know much about this stuff. I built a pedalboard and thought it would be cool to build this into it. I use a lot of stereo effects and want to run them to two different amps.


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OK. The diagram you drew of the 4p switch is numbered...not the conventional way. The convention would be like:
1   4   7   10
2   5   8   11
3   6   9   12

So 2 can connect to either 1 or 3 (like a single pole) 5 goes to 4 or 6 etc.

Wire input tip to buffer,  and buffer output to 11. jumper 11 to 8. Now two poles have access to your buffered signal. jumper 10 to 4 and 7 to 1. Connect 2 and 5 to the left and right output tips. When the switch is "up," you have buffered signal on the output jacks.
Connect 12 to the send tip. Connect 3 and 6 to the two return tips. When switch is "down" the buffered signal goes out the send, back through the two returns and to the out jacks.

There are quite a few ways to do this. The logic is not that complicated and if you think about you can figure out a few.


Re: Stereo true bypass
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You're the best Idy! I've been looking for a diagram or something to explain what you wrote here. Thank you. I think I can figure it out now. Excited to get home and try it out!