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matsumin valvecaster issues
« on: March 16, 2020, 01:47:26 AM »
Hi guys, I am a newbie!  Decided to take on this project as Iím home bounded and I have a few things laying around the house.  I decided to put this tube valve over drive pedal together as it didnít look difficult and I have some parts laying around.  This is the first time I am putting together a stomp pedal. 

Whatís the problem?
 No sound or output going to my amp simple no sound, maybe a little hissing sound but no hums, no static sounds.  I didnít have any 3dpt 6-pin switch so I used a little on/off that I had left over from a car project. Yes the tube lite up.  But no sound when I turn any of the knobs. 

Iíve looked at the schematic many many times to check my resistors and capacitors placement  and they appear to be in correct locations.  Did I miss something?  Any help would be appreciated. 

Pics below of the schematic I used and mine.  And yes, I know mine is messy, and the soldering could use more work, but Iím still learning and could appreciate any help to get this thing working. 

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Re: matsumin valvecaster issues
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What voltages (DC, relative to ground) do you get on each of the tube pins?  What kind of tube are you using?  Are you sure it's good?


Re: matsumin valvecaster issues
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Can't really tell from the picture, pins are numbered clockwise when looking at the bottom.


Re: matsumin valvecaster issues
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I do have a few 12au7 laying around and theyíre all suppose to be good.  Iíve tried several tubes and the same thing is happening.  Yes I counted the tube pins clock wise, like the pictorial schematic.  I have tried both 9v and 12v, 9v didnít give the tube as much light so I used the 12v and that seem to light the tube better.  All capacitors are used but I tested them before using them.


Re: matsumin valvecaster issues
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Itīs hard to see the components and be sure they are all in right spot. I suggest you check the all the grounds an pot connections. I have assembled it one for me in my breadboard and that was the issue. Double checked the pots and grounds and it worked.