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The AL3201 is a very old chip which was designed by Alesis, One of the guys behind this design was Keith Barr who started Alesis and designed many of the Reverb chips that were used in their designs. This same man went on to start Spin Semiconductor and designed the FV-1. The FV-1 is a much more powerful DSP than the AL3201.  The AL3201 was discontinued some time ago but Cool Audio have brought it back to us while also changing the internal programs. Overall it is still a nice sounding DSP. I look forward to reading this thread to see where it goes.
of course, the al3201 is discontinued and now the v1000 is in production, but the al3201 can still be found at alliexpress at a very good price and with little chance of counterfeiting (which already happened to me with an  fv-1 of alliexpress) and you can make good delays and reverbs very cheap