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Re: FXCore coming soon?
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Hi Frank, when do expect a full boat of wafers?  Any estimate of full production? Not sure what node you are running on. Will you be offering bare die QFN, or BGA packages?  Given what it would cost to cover NRE for 90nm or smaller, thinking you are at 90nm or 180nm on an 8" wafer? There were some doing CSP packages on 8" not sure who is still in it after all the buyouts and the mover years ago to 12"   FInal question, do you have a link for dev boards?


Re: FXCore coming soon?
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There is a boat running now, due to an issue at the fab they had to restart it so we are behind the planned schedule.

Only offering in TQFP-64. QFN, BGA and bare die are not friendly to hand soldering. CSP was not even considered as it is not necessary for audio products and the added costs would have pushed up the price, also no one wants to try to hand solder a CSP package.

I don't know of anyone running any deep sub-micron like 90nm on 200mm, all I have seen is 300mm. 180nm is on 200mm as far as I know.

Sold out of dev boards and waiting on getting in the parts to build more.