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Line output selector!!
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Hey dudes, this is not necessarily guitar pedal related, however I'm sure there's ton of you who could help me. I'm interested in building myself a passive stereo input selector (2x [2x jack 6.3 mono] as inputs, 2x jack 6.3 mono as output). Basically I'd like a device that lets me switch between output from my audio interface and my analog mixer into my monitors. I got decent soldering skills, the problem is I know near to nothing about schematics and stuff related (my only experience is making a fuzz face clone and a passive AB/Y switch).
ליווי במרכז

 I basically need a scheme for this kind of pedal: I just can't seem to Google than shit anywhere. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Line output selector!!
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A rudimentary one can be done with a DPDT switch, 3PDT if you want an LED indicator.