Tweed man overdrive / Catalinbread Formula 5F6 feedback with gain full and mods

Started by salin3, July 24, 2020, 03:04:08 AM

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I have some questions about the tweed man overdrive ( from which is a clone of the Catalinbread formula 5F6.
I have just made it and it sounds great.
Here are the transistors voltage:

( I put pn4393 )
Q1:   D: 4,7      S: 0,9       G: 0
Q2:   D: 9,08    S: 5,64     G: 3
Q3:   D: 4,90    S: 0,83     G: 0
Q4:   D: 9,08    S: 5,5       G: 3
Q5:   D: 9         S: 5,2       G: 2,15

1) I noticed that when I put the gain at Max value, I have feedback like hendrix in front of his amp ! (only in the " secret lead mode" which means when the switch is up ) .
I won't need that much gain so it's ok but I wonder if it's a "normal" behaviour".

2) It seems there is not a lot of treble ( in the" stock bass mode" whereas the" secret lead" has enough of it). Is it something known with this pedal ? If no Is there a way to have more highs in the" stock bass mode" ( which means when the switch is down)?

3 ) Is it possible to have less gain only in the "secret lead mode" ? ( I have already removed the 4u7 and it sounds better to my ear in the stock mode , I don't need less gain in this mode) .