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ditto looper x2
« on: August 13, 2020, 12:34:22 PM »
i have a ditto looper x2 pedal that does not seem to be working well. i plug in the mono input and output, use the looper and th minut i start recording the volumes drops to almost nothing. then playback is almost the same just a little louder. when i use it in stereo it works fine. i dont know if it is one of the inputs is not working properly. i think that the pedal is working properly in some way but not through both mono input/output.
anyone know anything about looper pedals? the switch as well is very clicky, you hear it clearly in the loop. i have searched online and other people have had this problem. i have updatd the software and that did nothing, also tried downgrading the firmware to previous and that did nothing. i think it is a hardware thing. someone somewher online mentioned that a suming amp was not adding a and b???
any help or advice would be great


Re: ditto looper x2
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This is going to be tricky to fix because it's a digital product, so there's a lot that we can't see from outside because it's in firmware, and secondly because it'll be built using surface-mount components, so everything will be very small and fiddly to work on if it's really possible at all.

Do you have any experience with SMD soldering?


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Hey electricdruid,

thanks for the response but i have decided to sell it as spares and repairs. i think that if i were able to get hold of the firmware and adjust it that may help.
thanks for the help, all the best