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Can I use these diodes
« on: August 10, 2020, 10:24:17 AM »
I am new to building stompboxes.  I purchased some diodes that were called for in a specific stomp box schematic, but I also purchased an assortment of electronics components that included different types of diodes. This is the assortment (1390Pcs) Electronic Components Set 5 Colors LED Diodes Transistor Electrolytic Capacitors Resistors Kit

I am wondering if the included diodes in this assortment can be used for distortion or overdrive stompboxes

Thanks for your help


Re: Can I use these diodes
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yes. that's not to say they will be the thing you are looking for, you can only shove them in and have a listen. some are rectifiers, for power supplies, some are fast, some higher volts, some higher currents. and there is some schottkys there as well, can be supply protection or low level clippers.

but you will need to consult the datasheet for each type number, and then decide.
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Re: Can I use these diodes
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+1.  The 4148 and 1N4001- 4007 series have very similar clipping characteristics and are used in a ton of stompbox designs, both for feedback clipping and for clipping to ground.  The Schottkys can approximate the low clipping threshold of germanium diodes. You can also use your LEDs for clipping, they're seen in lots of designs.  The reds tend to have the lowest forward voltage (clip threshold) of the LEDs, but higher than the diodes.  Going up the spectrum (red-orange-yellow etc, ROYGBIV) the LED forward voltage will usually increase.  Use sockets and try them all! 


Re: Can I use these diodes
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Thanks for the advice