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Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
« on: January 19, 2010, 02:24:41 AM »
I was trying to fix some hiss noise in my DE7, it was “on” and sounding ok, with a battery. I was touching some points in the larger pcb with a screwdriver (stupid, I know). Then I touched a point (shorted a pair of points for sure) and the delay sound change to a loud digital noise oscillating with the frequency set by the delay time knob (changing when  I move the knob) You can see the approximated zone and the probable points that I shorted are in IMAGE 1 and IMAGE 2, both sides of the pcb. Also I did my best trying to trace the component that I probably shorted in the DE7 schematic, indicated in IMAGE 3. Also included is a link where you can hear the sound (noise) produced after the damage, and a link to the complete schematic pdf.  Is the damage irreversible? What do you think the fix could be is there is some? Which component do you think I damage? Thank you very much for your help and  sorry, I’ll never mess again with pedals.




Failing sound:

DE7 Schematic:


Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
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The component you circled appears to be the 5v regulator, which is what takes the 9v coming into the pedal and steps it down to 5v, probably for the chips being used. If you have a multimeter, you can check if the regulator is doing its job by seeing if 5v is coming out of it. You would need to find the datasheet on that part (I'm running late for class or I'd look) to find which leg should be outputting the 5v. If it isn't you could replace the regulator with a similar part. Hopefully it hasn't messed up and isn't putting out more then 5v or it could fry whatever needed that voltage.


Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
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Thank you very much, i'll be checking it out and let you know, hope I can have your opinion later. Regards!


Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
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That's actually a 3.3v regulator.  On mine, it's a NJU 7200L33... and it's only putting out 2.1 volts.  The pedal came to me as a repair because someone plugged in the wrong power supply.  The protection diode exploded.  Anyways, the part is coming up on Mouser as an obsolete component.  Any ideas?


Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
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Hi everyone, I had the same problem currently I'm trying to repair a Ibanez DE7 the issue is the pedal only works with battery but doesn't work with AC adaper.

  I checked the regulator To92 is a NJU7200L33 ( and its a different semiconductor regulator from the NJM2930L05 that appear in the ibanez DE7 shcematics PDF, and on that schematics the ALTERA EPM3064 is not shown so my conclusion is the DE7 PDF is wrong).

 I changed the NJU7200L33 for a AMS1117 33 making pinout change to correspond with PCB and the DE7 pedal works OK but again only with battery, nothing with AC adapter, I have chek in both cases and the output voltaje is 3.3V.

  Does any one has the correct schematics?? Or any similar experience for ibañez pedals working with battery but nothing with AC adapter??

  Thanks for your attention excuse my english I'm not english native.


Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
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Bad power jack. Wrong/bad power adapter.

The regulator is not the problem since it is involved for either battery or power pack.


Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
« Reply #6 on: January 04, 2020, 11:12:37 AM »
Just thought I would leave another note here on the DE7.
Picked one up and discovered the Delay Level control had no effect (level pot moved fine but level volume stuck on max no matter where it was turned).
Inspected the VR PCB and discovered a solder trace that had bridged near the level control.
Separated the traces and things are working normally.

Must have been that way from the factory.
Hope this helps someone in the future.


Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
« Reply #7 on: August 14, 2020, 06:30:32 AM »
Hello, new member here, just a question.

I'm trying to fix this pedal but there's a problem...
The voltage regulator didn't output 3.3V but just 3V, so I decided to replace it, I tried with 2 different 7533-1 (that was the original component on board), but nothing, on output now there's 0,1 V...
The input (9V) and ground (0V) are correct.

What problem I'm facing now?


Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
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Welcome to the forum... :icon_wink:

What exactly is the original problem? Did you short 2 points together? Or your delay level pot had no effect?
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Re: Ibanez DE7 delay, please HELP!!
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The delay was not working properly, really noisy, while echo not working at all, so I took some voltage measures and I found just 3volt on the output of the voltage regulator (7533-1), I replaced it two times with brand new 7533 but nothing, just 0.1V on the output pin...
Here's a photo, I replaced also the protection diode