Author Topic: Made a Strymon Multiswitch that controls both BigSky and Timeline with 3 buttons  (Read 233 times)

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First off, I know I am able to use a midi cable to have the “timeline” basically control the BigSky so that when I have bank up on the timeline it banks up on the BigSky, but I wanted to control both the BigSky and timeline separately with only 3 buttons as the 4th one is to select.

So Through the expression and some wiring through a 3P3T switch I can use 3 buttons to control the bank up, preset and bank down of both the BigSky and timeline. With the toggle switch I can select with pedal is active.

Blue LED = The 3 buttons control the BigSky.

Yellow LED = The 3 buttons control the Timeline.

The case is 3D printed as of right now, but I will make a custom metal case.

Here is the link to the video:

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