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ORION - MeatSphere
« on: November 21, 2020, 12:31:56 PM »
Great build from MusicPCB
Not the easiest, but with a lot of information in this forum and one killer post from  “idy” on page 31 of the thread “Building the Meat Sphere”. If you are building one of those, go there. I added most the recommended mods, moog mode, colour pot.

A lot of tweeking in terms of getting the trigger right, but will all mounted right, it works. It’s very very sensitive and complex, so getting it to sound good continuosly is one of the main challenges.

I wanted to use some big caps I had, some tropical fish and other big boxed ones. I added some of them in the other side of the board, as the design is made for small-size boxed caps. But with the space created by the 3P4T switches you have enough space to do that.

The art is slightly modified street art from Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion (for own use only). To complete the tribute, I thought of naming the pedal ORION, and added the sky with the homonymous constellation, just for the fun. 

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Re: ORION - MeatSphere
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Looks a lot nicer than mine!
I impulse-bought a EHX riddle-Q and...was unimpressed. It does a have a correctly engineered glitch-free envelope generator, probably the same as on the Poly-phase, but I miss the wildness of the Meatball.

I find myself wishing the range switch went a little lower, then stepped up so the highest setting is where the second setting now. I label mine (stock values) "high, higher, even higher, highest." Easy enough to experiment with the cap values and tune this next time...

I really like being able to chose blend from pre/post effects loop, see you didn't include that. Fuzz sounds better mixed with pre-filter fuzz than with clean signal sometimes.

You added a jack for expression pedal? I haven't fooled with that yet. It would make sense with the intensity, to be able to feather it in and out subtly. I want to find a way to use it as a wah-like pedal, where the exp. pedal can sweep the filter when the trigger is disengaged.