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2 new pedals
« on: November 28, 2020, 05:59:09 PM »
Hi everyone,

I finished two pedals this week, the first a splitter/blender (more or less like the ROG pedal) but with four outputs. The second a passive matrix-mixer with and A/B switch and a switch between two different settings. I'll try to explain how it works. With the  splitter I have 4 parallel effect chains. Chains is a big word here because I only have 5 pedals but anyway. I have an OD, chorus, delay and reverb pedal in parallel and a second reverb/mod/delay pedal. The mixer has 4 inputs and two outputs. On the left side I have OD and a clean signal with an A/B switch. Each input has a potmeter to send a part of the signal to the first output, which is fed into the second reverb  and then to the blender. It's also connected to the second output but without pots. On the other side of the mixer I have the delay and reverb (both wet), I can mix these to the second output, together with the OD or clean signal (two potmeters on the right). The pots in the middle are for a second mix of the reverb and delay, and with the second switch I can choose between the pots on the right and middle/left. The second output also goes to the blender, and then to the amp. I hope you get the idea.... All in two 1590B enclosure which was a little difficult, but eventually it works. Some other builds never did so I'm quite happy with how it turned out. There's not much electronics anyway, most of the space is for the jacks and the pots.