digitech hardwire reverb 7 position rotary encoder

Started by sonicpainter, December 26, 2020, 09:52:34 AM

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hi can someone help i bought a hardwire reverb with a broken encoder  the pot says 10k its dual gang.


Hi Sonic, welcome to the forum.

I'm not familiar with the Digitech Reverb 7 but 10k Dual Gang sounds more like an analogue potentiometer than an encoder.

Any chance you could upload a photo of the part to help us find you the right replacement?

I'd imagine something like this but they come in different sizes, shapes and shafts.



hi the encoder looks like this i took apart the one from the pedal to try to fix it it ended up in the bin.
its 9mm does say 10k on the back and has 7 positions.



An encoder shaft can spin continually and wouldn't have a resistance value printed on it (unless there's a coincidence with some other meaning). If it stops short of full rotation it's a potentiometer, and a dual concentric one with detents at that (like some hi-fi volume controls). If it reads 10k resistance with a DMM across the outer pins of each section, then it's a 10k pot and if the centre pin reads a variable resistance to either end pin when you turn the right shaft it's a working pot - rear section is driven by the long spindle shaft.
Are these possabilities?
...still don't have detents. Digitech may be using it with the detents to detect the resistance at that position and measuring it to find the function you want at that setting.