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Excuse my ignorance, but what is the benefit of this "inverted BM" tonestack? I can see that it's only mid-boost, but one can achieve that also with generic "Baxandall mid-range control" (in lack of better description) but with proper series resistance preventing gain ratios less than unity (i.e. GK amps). Peak frequency also wouldn't shift. ...or is that the whole point?


Re: Active Baxandall question
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the idea behind the inverted BMP is that i wanted the functionality of a big muff tone stack, but without the mid-scoop.
flipping the big muff tone stack made it really ''feel'' like a nice tone control, and the subtle mid sweep gives a nice way to dial in that perfect mid boosted tone, which you can't with a fixed mid frequency.
changing the values, shifting the filters away form each other, makes it more %^&*ed-wah-like if you want even more mids, this is what i have done with the schematic and graph i posted earlier.

the original values give a more subtle mid boost, along with bass and treble boosts.
you can use the TSC in the web to calculate the sweep and just take away the minus (-) sign before the dB numbers and flip the graph upside down
this is what the original BMP values would give you:

cheers, Iain
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