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Aion FX Luna Spacing Control
« on: January 31, 2021, 03:46:10 PM »
Hello. I just built an Aion FX Luna Tremolo (Tremulus Lune clone). The build went off without any problems. I just wanted to see if someone could explain what the spacing control does; Iíve read a couple or so explanations but none that make intuitive sense to me.

Iíve read that it doesnít change the waveform but that changes the spacing between waves. That sounds to me like itís slowing or speeding up the frequency of the lfo. But that actually sounds more like a rate control.

Does anyone have any insight to this control? Also, what is the setting up that would be considered ďnormalĒ? I.e. as though the spacing control wasnít there?


Re: Aion FX Luna Spacing Control
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From what I can see in various schematics, it alters both LFO and Buffer bias..
(asymmetrical amplitude waveform..)

Sorry but I can't translate it into "audio" result..

As for "normal" position, it should be considered 12 o'clock setting..
(250k +220k = 470k hence a 4.5V mid-point voltage divider..) 
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Re: Aion FX Luna Spacing Control
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the spacing control determines the DC offset of the LFO, having this higher sends a tad more current to the LED which in turn makes the LDR's resistance lower and the output volume higher. the LFO's actual wave shape isn't affected, but the effect on the volume is changed, so the perceived wave shape is changed (the on/off time is changed while the frequency stays the same)

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Re: Aion FX Luna Spacing Control
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detailed discussion of the tremulus lune circuit including section on the spacing control
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Re: Aion FX Luna Spacing Control
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Thank you so much for the info! Very helpful