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Aion L5 Preamp Troubleshooting
« on: February 04, 2021, 09:33:59 AM »
I've been working on the Aion L5 preamp and finally have it working but have two problems.

1) The compressor/limiter doesn't seem to be working right. It originally was on all the time. Did some trouble shooting and determined the CA3080 was bad. Replaced that and it seemed to be working but then stopped working. The LED comes on briefly then goes out. I've tried forcing it on with adjusting the trim and the limit pots. Nothing happens.

2) The Channel 1 LED never turns off. The channel switches properly and Channel 2 LED turns on but Channel 1 never turns off. I tried removing the resistors just to see if it helped. Didn't do anything. I have the CH pad tied to ground.

Everything else seems to be working although I can't really tell much happens when flipping the Bright switches.

Any help or ideas of what to try would be appreciated.


Re: Aion L5 Preamp Troubleshooting
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hey, welcome to the forum,

you might want to check out the check list here:

cheers, Iain
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