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GGG Foxx Tone Machine Help
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Hi there.  This is my 3rd pedal build.  This is my first build with just schematics and wiring diagram.  I am really enjoying building and would like to be as professional as possible, so I'm all EARS.  Proper wiring colors and resistor directions for easier troubleshooting, insulating, etc. 

I am getting signal through the pedal.  When there is no power to the pedal and the fuzz switch(left) is pushed the guitar signal passes through the pedal, the octave switch does nothing.  When the pedal is powered and the fuzz switch is engaged the signal cuts and led turns on.  Potentiometers are not working.  The octave(right) switch does nothing but turn the led on.  and the two leds will not turn on at the same time.  When the octave switch is turned on, the led turns on but no change in signal, with the octave still on pushing the fuzz switch turn on the  fuzz and octave led's alternate one on, one off killing the signal every time it's on the fuzz channel.  There is a 1K resistor in line that splits the led power after the resistor.... first time I've seen that.  Thank you for any help you could give.  Thank you.

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Please take a look at this post for some things to start with:

Also, there are more debugging tips here:

For your problem, it would be very helpful to post all the voltages on your transistors. Since you are getting no output, one might not be getting any power.

Also, verify the pinouts. While JD's boards do have something to tell you the orientation it should be, there is the possibility of getting transistors with a different pinout. It would be recommended to get sockets for your transistors as well. It is possible to damage them when soldering.

As for colors, there are a couple colors that are pretty universal - red for positive power, green or black for "ground", and black for negative power. Other than that, pick colors that make sense to you. Pick a color you will always use for input or output. Decide whether you want each pot to have its own color, or whether you want a certain color for each pin.


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currently, the LED's share a resistor, if you give each one its own resistor instead, they can both be on at the same time.

for the rest, i suggest the debug page R080 posted

cheers, Iain
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