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Hi guys

It's been a couple of days since I built the Flangelicious (4 knob flanger version) and I think that something is wrong with my build

Everything sounds as should - like a flanger but the tap tempo footswitch doesn't do anything and I hear extreme like water dripping noises in the background. I have a couple of other flanger builds that have some clock noise but nothing like this

I used the rev 4 PCB version, a pre-programmed PIC but also burnt a new one with the code from Electric Druid website just to be sure, triple checked values, re-soldered all joints, checked all connections with a multimeter - double checked that tap momentary shorts the PIC pin to ground.

I had the bias trim set properly, of course I wouldn't expect to bring back the tap tempo function but it doesn't remove the water dripping noises rather than changing background noise - hiss

Any help is more than welcome 
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It doesn't sound like much is wrong to me.

The watery noises are typical (that's what the background noises sound like on this pedal), and although you can never completely get rid of them, it should be possible to adjust the clock balance trim so they are very quiet and very much in the background. The noise follows a U-shaped curve from one end of the trimmer to the other, with the quietest point being somewhere in the middle. It's also worth saying that the resonance tends to boost the noises, since resonance is basically gain at a particular frequency - so use the lowest resonance setting you can for the sound you want.
If you still find that they're too loud, you probably need to boost the signal level going into the pedal to improve the signal/noise ratio. The easiest way is just to put a boost pedal in front of it, but you can tweak a few values in the circuit instead if you want a permanent solution.

Tap tempo finished up being a "would have been nice if" feature, but there simply wasn't room in the chip to put it in. On the 4-knob flange chip, the tap switch resets the waveform to the top, so you'll find if you tap it, it immediately starts a sweep downwards. This can be useful to keep the pedal in time if you find it's drifting out, but it's not a tap tempo feature like on some of my other chips.



Ooops someone didn't read the datasheet/manual properly. Apologies for that.
I thought it was a typical tap tempo function

Thank you for the swift reply and great work Tom!