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LND150 or jfets?
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I am planning to place an order for parts and collect a couple of effects. In anticipation of the order, I studied several works by jonny.reckless and wondered what I should order. Someone collected his projects on LND150 (Moon lnd), do they give any advantage in sound over the classic solution with jfets transistors?
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Re: LND150 or jfets?
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the last transistor in a distortion makes the biggest impact, so you could go for a switcher system that switches out a jfet or mosfet gain stage, if you want complexity.

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Re: LND150 or jfets?
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I understand what you are talking about. the question is a little different. ordinary mosfets do not work like jfets, I have not heard pedals that are successful (for my taste). These transistors are otherwise biased and not as flexible as the jfet, plus they have a lot of internal capacitance. LND150 is a different case, it can be used as a regular jfet, it has less capacity, it does not need a trimpot to adjust the bias, it is used in tube amplifiers, unlike jfets, this transistor is never in short supply. There are a lot of pluses, but will there be a real difference in the sound, will it be closer to the triode, or the difference will not be distinguishable at all. it has only one drawback, it is 10 times more expensive than j201.