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Easiest Reverb on Ruby Amp?

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I'm a total newbie.

I'm looking to build a Ruby amp, and am planning to add reverb.

I'm looking at PT2399.

What would be the easiest modification to the Ruby schematics to add reverb with PT2399 or other chips?

What resources/examples can I look at?

Thanks so much.

What do you expect from your reverb? Because a PT2399 is a delay chip, the reverb will really sound sparse

You could take a look at Merlin's Equinox.  This uses two PT2399s and gives you something reverb-like (I've gigged with an Equinox).  But you won't get reverb with a single PT.  Or else look at something like the Chasm reverb (deadastronaut).  This uses a BTDR-2.

Bolt either of these (or similar) to the front end of the Ruby.  I'd recommend you breadboard your solution to be sure the result is what you need.

as others have said a pt2399 wont cut it with reverb....(the belton brick has 3 x pt2399 within it)

if your building it into the same unit as a small amp, i have the timestream reverb

which uses the belton brick, and will easily fit into a 1590b, instead of the chasm which will only fit into the larger 1590bb

nice easy build too.

as for the amp i would go for the ''champ'' tda7052a takes pedals nicely, and is very clean...

I designed up a small little practice amp and used the equinox II in it. It's ok to give some space in a pinch, but reverb really needs density. There are a boatload of FV-1 and Belton Brick designs out there. I designed up a 4xPT2399 reverb that I think sounds really nice, but it is not a simple project. I was able to fit it all in a 125B, but everything is surface mount. If you care to check it out, it's here:

For DIY reverb, you really have to pick two of the following: good, easy, cheap.


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