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Thanks for the reply niektb,

none of your suggestions for sw2Push actually worked. I need to change between channels and your way didnt "Go back to first case switch" so to speak... and I was still not sure about adding additional case switches to the buttons, which all i need to do is change the value from 1 to 3 for example...

I changed the digitalwrite functions to the start of the CC function, before the display message, but it wouldn't make a difference as there is no delay.

I did correct the delays in between the breaks though...

the delays were because the pads were too sensitive but I managed to figure out it was due to INPUT_PULLUP which i just needed to change the switches to LOW instead of HIGH and they aren't as sensitive anymore.

Here i've updated my code


Hmm weird, it should definitely work:

I should explain better... it did work, but only stopped functions after 1 press, and didn't cycle 0 to 1, 1 to 0

this isn't what I wanted, but it is working perfectly now and very quick functions from momentary switches.

so thanks very much for the help from everyone here too
Alex Catlow

Sirius Amplification