Keeley Modded TS9 not switching

Started by Earthscum, March 23, 2022, 12:18:56 AM

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Hey all, been awhile.

My buddy has a Keeley TS9 that he's had for years. Recently he called me up and asked if I could fix it. He said "It just stopped working".

So far I've determined it to be the flip-flop circuit. It runs bypass, but won't switch to distortion.
*Blue LED was dead, so I swapped in a new one
*Checked the switch, it works as it should
*I tried hard jumping from the cap common to ground, didn't switch.
*Checked connections on board, all good, no cold solders or broken traces
*All components check out correctly (without removing from the board)

I finally decided to jump the transistor base (LED side of the F-F) to ground, and it switched it into distortion mode. Hard switch takes it back to bypass, but not back to distortion mode.

Am I just overlooking something stupidly obvious here? Any help would be appreciated. It just seems like something is hanging high on one side, but I'm not finding it. If all else fails, I may see if he wants me to just do a relay switch mod to it.
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