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Wish me luck...
« on: August 04, 2022, 01:28:38 AM »
Long week is turning into a much longer one!

I've taken it upon myself to build NINE projects from Dead End Fx. Now, building boards is not exactly a foreign concept to me - my day job is PCB/hardware design + assemby... and yes, 20 years ago, I used to design & build amps & effects.

Now, I'm just building all of these for personal use. Sadly, the first 2 I've assembled have been duds! "Exciterator" (compressor) and "Meta Morph" (Reverb). The Comp is getting no thru-signal when powered on, whereas the Reverb gets thru-signal on & off, but no layered effect.

Not fishing for "no info given" assistance just yet - I've got a day or two of issue-hunting yet to go before I cry for help (but beware - it MAY happen :icon_frown: ).

Happy to finally be on these boards & hopefully I can give back to the community as much as I ask to take away.



Re: Wish me luck...
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Welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing how your debugging goes
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Re: Wish me luck...
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Welcome, Bill.  If you need to, check out the sticky "Debugging" thread.  Good luck.
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Re: Wish me luck...
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...and don't overheat the solder lugs on those stompswitches and toggles.


Re: Wish me luck...
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Kinda (sorta, not really) update:

Compressor still giving "power", but cuts signal when "on".

Reverb still giving "power", but no applied effect (just thru-put). Now, this Reverb has me wondering...  yes, I did mess up & install the resistor arrays backwards, but that appears to have caused no chain-reaction issue. That fixed, I still have an odd voltage. Aside from the 9v mains, I have: V3=9v, V2=9v, V1=1.2v ... it's that last one that worries me. I (think) I've attached the image to this reply (fingers crossed). Just the part of the circuit that has me most immediately concerned. Still more digging to do 😁.

PS: I did build a 3rd DEFX unit (Delay - based on the EM5) & it turned out great - so I'm not completely crazy nor incapable.
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