Convert 4AB3C1B to 4AB3A1B reverb tank

Started by lukasott, September 19, 2023, 04:59:35 PM

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Hey there,

I've got two different reverb tanks that I want to use for a pedal build. I'm thinking about tweaking the connector on one of the reverb pedals to make it match the other one. I reckon grounding the input and output would be the simplest modification. Anybody have any experience with this and can offer advice on how to proceed?

Rob Strand

5th character: Connector arrangement
A = input grounded, output grounded
B = input grounded, output insulated
C = input insulated, output grounded
D = input insulated, output insulate

C --> A = insulated-in to grounded-in

I would check you amp to see if it needs the input side grounded.  Do you have a schematic?
There's a good chance it will just work.
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