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Phase 90 vero build, new ticking noise
« on: September 26, 2022, 01:17:10 AM »
Hey guys,

A couple months ago I made a phase 90 on vero, had it working great.  Boxed it up was still working fine.   Went to plug it in tonight and thereís an audible noise, I think itís what is ussuallt referred to as motorboating.   I think the problem is in the 15u cap.   But just wanted to double check that Iím in the right track.   Iím guessing my 18month old got a hold of the pedal and gave it a good toss.   Iíve had to move them due to this issue lol.   Anyways hereís a picture of the circuit in its current home.  Audio probe I donít hear any ticking noise until the output of the op amp after it goes through q1.   So it shows up at pin 1 of the top tl072.   I can hear it at pins 5,6,7 of the bottom tl072 (the lfo op amp, obviously thereís no guitar signal here).   Anyways any pointing in the right direction or confirmation of it being the 15u cap would be awesome before I tear this apart.   

Edit: after reflowing the solder on the 15u itís still there.   I noticed it only does it when the script switch is in one setting.   Other setting I canít hear it.  And it is effected by the rate knob. 
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