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Started by aron, January 18, 2023, 05:29:09 PM

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I am about at the end of my wits trying to find a simple MIDI box that can send program changes and maybe have 1 or 2 knobs that send controller info.

Something like 1-4 knobs on top, 10 key after that with enter key I guess and USB and power port.

Honestly it looks easy to code and while I haven't written much in C in a while, I used to make my living off of C and MIDI so I think I can do it.

What always trips me up is the housing. Where is a 10 key enclosure that can house the 10 key, the 1-4 knobs above the 10 key and mount the Arduino inside and have the USB and power ports available?

I've been searching but I can't find anything obvious. If I had the enclosure, I'd be on it already.


For keys, I'd be thinking of a Hex keypad. They have a bezel so not hard to glue or clamp in a hole in any enclosure that's big enough. That's 16 keys but 10 would probably take the same number of port pins.
For that kind of project, an ABS box will do, you can always screen it inside if you're worried. There are Arduino libraries for the keys and midi to make it a bit easier, no need to drop into pure C for everything.


So you think I could Dremel the box and glue the hex keypad in?
Worth a try. I can't believe how many MIDI controllers don't send MIDI program change messages. Of it they do, it's just sequential instead of being able to send any program change.


Yes. I'd cover with masking tape, draw the outline and carefully drill holes just inside the corners then Dremel away. The fibre cutting disks work surprisingly well in plastic though almost melting thru rather than grinding.

There are many gaps in midi control/accessories now I think. Used to have more choices back in the '90s. I have a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller that can definitely send specific program changes, I think foot pedal controllers are more likely to do it since they are expected to work as patch selectors for DSP amp modellers and FX.


The one good thing about Kurzweil synthesizers is that they always seemed to have a 10 key. Easy to type in program changes if you don't have bank and program buttons on the keyboard.


Kevin Mitchell

One of the best things I've done as of late was get pretty good at working with fusion360. Now when I need anything custom cut or bent I draw one up and send the file over to an online fab like sendcutsend.

My next one will be custom ARP 2600 and 3260 cases. CNCed plywood with box joints so I can build it like ikea furniture in my apartment  :icon_lol:
Also custom aluminum mounting brackets.

When I think "project box" I tend to envision laser cut acrylic boxes.
This hobby will be the deaf of me


Incredible! Yeah you've been doing good work! New England huh? Synclavier comes to mind!